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3 Tips to help your offline operation through e-commerce

Lockdown, retail retraction, idle people. Close to the 15th quarantine day and the only sun ray that, nowadays, heats our economy is the digital one. Never in Earth our country’s history, the DIGITAL has been in the spotlight position, not as the only option at least.

Digital transformation is a long and complex process that every company knew that one day would come but why the rush, right? Wrong.

COVID-19 came first and now there’s a rush, a need and even despair to start this race. Nobody can snap a finger and become “digitally transformed”. To mold companies operations into the digital world is still a complex and long process and no rush, need or despair will make the process easier.


Like every transformation, there are techniques to discover, understand and plan the best strategy to collect gains from step 1.

3 techniques to help your off-line operation through e-commerce

  1. Sales associate code

Stores worldwide are closed and with it, hundreds of thousands sellers are at home, doing nothing but waiting.

The sales associate code on ecommerce would not only help the company boost it’s traffic through employee referral but every seller could still use company’s CRM and keep selling by social media or phone call, guaranteeing their commission at the end of the month.

2. Member get member

In times like these, pay per acquisition sometimes is the best (sometimes the only) option.

Use your own clients to bring their referral traffic to your e-commerce and reward them with credits. What’s better than a friend of your client entering your store? Grab a beer and cheers.

There are a few tools like referral candy or talon that you can setup at your ecommerce platform.

3. Assisted Selling

Essential retailers like grocery, pharmacy and Pet Shops are still open but are suffering with low traffic and high phone orders.

If you already have an ecommerce, Assisted selling will help you improve the customer’s experience and order management. Depending on your ecommerce platform, this feature is already native, like VTEX.

Of course a lot can be done with a few actions and we must use our creativity and business comprehension to be agile on adaptation, but these tips without a solid plan to evolve, won’t be helpful.

Always look forward and if you need any help, let’s Zoom it.

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